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KAS Roma

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King Abdulaziz School is the Saudi school in Rome, Italy. It was first established in 2002 by the Saudi Embassy in Italy to spread awareness about the Saudi national identity and its Arabic and Islamic values to the Italian community.

The school’s website did not reflect their vision. The school principle at the time, Mr. Saleh Al Shamrani, tasked me with a full redesign of the site and its content. The main purpose of this redesign was to highlight all the wonderful events and activities of the school, its students and its faculty.

The most challenging part of the redesign was gathering all the content we needed, and creating a functional plan for the website. We made up a team of talented managers and teachers; headed by the school principal himself; Mr. Saleh Al Shamrani. The team consisted of Rekaz Abdul Khaleq, Tamara Hafidh, Concetta Schornavacche, Ban Al Dabbagh, and myself.

The concept behind the design was highlighting the events and activities, making them instantly accessible by all those who visit the site. The final result reflected a clean, easy-to-navigate, responsive design. A website that showcased the school’s community-oriented values.


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